Q. How much does the inspection cost?

A. $450 for homes above 1200 sq ft (typical) / $350 for condos/smaller homes / additional rates for sq ft over 3500 and guest homes (casitas). This fee does include travel throughout Taos County and Angel Fire. Tax is applicable.

Q. How long does the inspection take?

A. 2 to 2.5 hours

Q. Can we accompany you?

A. Most certainly. I do ask that I am able to give the inspection process my general attention and that we conduct a summary walk thru towards the end. I have found this works best.

Q. When will I receive the report & how long will it be?

A. Turn around time from inspection is 24 hours. Reports are delivered in PDF and typically range 35-40 pages in length with color photos detailing the observations.

Q. Why do you not test for radon or mold?

A. Both radon and mold require specific air monitoring equipment to accurately detect and measure. It is my observation that common “Do It Yourself” test strips can deliver inaccurate or unreliable results. Radon is a fluctuating rupturing gas prevalent in the area that is typically digitally monitored over spans of 3 to 9 months to be accurately measured. Its health risks are associated with long term exposure, thus measuring the fluctuations and not the rupturing amount is key in making a proper determination as to dangerous levels of exposure. Similarly, mold has many forms with varying risks to health. Accurate air quality screening for particular molds is commonly achieved with digital monitoring equipment designed for specific mold analysis.

Most radon levels can be mitigated with adequate crawlspace ventilation and vapor barrier installations where applicable. Fan mitigation systems and removal ventilation are options as well. Concerns of long term radon levels and prolonged exposure should be discussed with a radon mitigation company so that they can conduct the proper assessments necessary to evaluate your situation. This fee is typically $250 to $350.

Mold determinations should be performed by a trained professional as well. All indoor air will have particulates, it is the specific qualities and quantities of particulates that are concern for health risks. Individuals concerned with molds should contact an air quality specialist to properly evaluate what specific molds may exist. This fee is typically $300 to $500. I do point out indications of possible mold growth or abnormalities similar to mold when I observe them in crawlspaces and water damaged areas.